Retrouvez tout le programme du week-end d'ouverture

The opening weekend begins with all the festival's exhibitions opened to the public until 10pm on Thursday May 30 and Friday May 31. The weekend is also punctuated by performances, concerts, screenings and talks directly linked to the universe of the artists. An opportunity to discover other facets of their work.

As night falls, the pace changes: from slowing down to take the time to stroll in the intimacy of an exhibition, to speeding up to dance to the frenetic rhythms.

Thursday May 30

4pm. Exhibitions opening 

7pm. DJ Set by Faustine at Cour Baragnon

8pm-10pm. Cabaret Le Secret at the Paul-Dupuy Museum

10pm. Exotourisme concert at Cour Baragnon

11pm-2am. DJ Set by Tony Garagist at Ma Biche sur le toit

 Wednesday May 31

10am. – 7pm. Salon of Occitanie's art editions organized by air de Midi (contemporary art network in Occitanie) in partnership with the festival, at salon Marvejol.

2:30pm. – 5:30pm. "Artistes et territoire(s)" (Artists and territories) talk in partnership with Ateliers des Arques at Cour Baragnon

5pm. Alain Guiraudie's book signing Pour les siècles des siècles, in partnership with Ombres Blanches 

6:30pm. Karelle Ménine's performance at the Courthouse's Grand’chambre

9pm. – midnight Court's Night, series of screenings of artists' films in partnership with LOOP Barcelona

7:30pm. – midnight DRAC Show night by Tony Regazzoni at Drac - Occitanie

 Saturday June 1th

10am. – 5pm. Salon of art editions in Occitanie organized by air de Midi (contemporary art network in Occitanie) in partnership with the festival, at salon Marvejol.

2pm. – 5:30pm. Talk ARTE – at Le Cratère cinema
Presentation of La vraie vie, the first documentary series shot within a video game, in the presence of the directors. Followed by a screening of the feature film Knit's Island.

3:30pm. Conference Dora Maar, la femme invisible (Dora Maar, the invisible woman) by Victoria Combalia in the auditorium of Paul-Dupuy Museum

7pm. Opening evening retrospective and carte blanche Alain Guiraudie (June 1 - 30), at Cinematheque Toulouse.
In the presence of Alain Guiraudie

In collaboration with LOOP (Barcelona), Ateliers des Arques, air de Midi, la Cinémathèque de Toulouse, le Salon de Marvejol, le lycée professionnel Myriam, le CAUE 31, ARTE, cinema le Cratère, Occitanie films, Ombres Blanches.

Thanks to the families Saint-Martin, Gourdou Boué, Courtois de Viçose, Myriam High School, Saint-Stanislas School for opening their courtyards to us, Laure Martin and Amis du Nouveau Printemps for their help.