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No title, Photographie, 2023 © Ivo Bonacosi

Ivo Bonacorsi / Lars Laumann / Frida Orupabo / Marianne Heske

Une idée illimitée du Nord

June 2, 2023 to September 3, 2023

(An Unlimited Idea of the North

Italian artist and curator Ivo Bonacorsi brings together the work of three Norwegian artists, Marianne Heske, Lars Laumann and Frida Orupabo, three generations of artists who, while developing highly distinctive practices, share a deeply anthropological perspective. 

Far from the orthodoxy of Scandinavian nature motifs, the exhibit invites us to change our view of the North and sketches out a new cartography, more sensitive than geographical, in which the North becomes a space for exploration. 


With the support of the Office for Contemporary Art – OCA Norway, and Toulouse Public Health Authority. 



Hôpital de La Grave
31300 Toulouse