Parking des Carmes

Digitalis purpurea

Mimosa Echard

Lady's glove

from May 30 to June 30

Lady's Glove

A sculptural intervention, a kind of anti-monument atop the parking garage.
Stepping back from a black-and-white vision of the world, the artist explores ambivalences and contradictions, zones of contamination and pollution. Continuing her practice in relation to electromagnetic waves and the invisible, the artist has dreamed a sculptural intervention on the 5G mast on top of the parking garage, which reveals itself to the visitor upon completion of a spiral ascent.  The antenna is activated by still and moving images in a composition that blends registers of the intimate and extimate, advertising and extemporary. The elements of this visual poem, apparently escaping from the intangible data traffic controlled by the antenna, give form to its central function in the mass circulation of images and the construction of contemporary digital visual culture.

Studio Mimosa Echard
Chargée de production : Romy Hammond
Imagerie 3D et montage vidéo : Antoine Trapp
Retouche numérique : Jonathan Martin

With the patronage of TOTEM with the support of Indigo et with the participation of Midi Pyrénées Antennes, SFR et Orange.
This project benefits from funding by the Ministry of Culture as part of its program to support art commissions.

En savoir plus

Neïl Beloufa, Pandemic Pandemonium, 2022. Photo : Oliver Ottenschläger.

Neïl Beloufa × Grégoire Beil × EBB global

Toujours vivants

From May 30 to June 30

Still going

An interactive installation tribute to Alain Guiraudie and human emotions.

In the style of a video game, at the heart of a customizable story dreamed up by filmmaker Alain Guiraudie in collaboration with  Neïl Beloufa, Grégoire Bell and, you become a traveler on a hostile island, where climate disturbance has forced the inhabitants into self-sufficiency. Various encounters will determine your fate: will you join this strange community or leave alone once more?

In tribute to the worlds of artist Alain Guiraudie, experimenting with ultra-contemporary tools and artificial intelligence to generate narratives and images,  Neïl Beloufa and his collaborators reactivate an artistic fantasy that is as fascinating as it is terrifying: an entity other than our own minds generates our stories and projects us into unpredictable or unexpected myths. Far from fairytales and adventures with dragons, here you may become an animalist vegetarian or be frantically looking for your sexual partner. Rest assured, however, no previous experience is necessary: adventure island is open to all, and everyone will find their own way according to the ups and downs of their avatar's motivations and frustrations. 

The installation will become a feature of Les Carmes parking garage. Having unpacked mechanisms of the representations of power in his videos and installations,  Neïl Beloufa now places with the codes of an ultraconnected world and explores how AI impacts the output of our imaginations and our insatiable need for stories.

Production :
Art direction : Neïl Beloufa et Grégoire Beil - with the collaboration of Alain Guiraudie and the participation of local residents (casting)
With the support Indigo and Surplus Recyclage.
In coproduction with le Quai des Savoirs.

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