Marché des Carmes

Inner Beauty (Feel Bad) © Le Nouveau Printemps

Mazaccio & Drowilal

Beauté Intérieure

May 30 to June 30, 2024

For Le Nouveau Printemps, Mazaccio & Drowilal revive their photographic practice and dream up a neighborhood newspaper for Les Carmes. 
Photoplay and wordplay: under the same photos, the comments differ, taking the newspaper into two different registers.

A mode of writing that enables them to blur the lines between reality and its representation, while not simply portraying places or specific subjects, but sharing with the visitor their view of the territory.

Two versions of the newspaper will be freely available in the newspaper boxes outside Les Carmes market : Feel Bad and Feel Good.

During the Festival, the duo will also be disseminating silhouettes from the Paparazzi series in the Royal Garden. Photos gleaned from the tabloid press show celebrities attempting to escape the paparazzi's intrusive lens, to which Mazaccio & Drowilal are never slow to add a subversive, ambiguous dimension.


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