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L’enquête-collecte participative du quartier Saint-Cyprien


L’enquête-collecte participative du quartier Saint-Cyprien

June 2, 2023 to July 2, 2023

The PRISMEO (Program of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Research: Memories, Exhibits, Objects) project currently comprises four young researchers in social and human sciences: history, art history, information and communication sciences, and archeology. 

The core of this project is a survey/collection of images, objects and life stories with the aim of exploring the links that the neighborhood’s inhabitants, on an individual or collective level, have with their city, neighborhood, activities, pastimes, favorite walking routes—basically, with the places, spaces, stories and objects that have punctuated their experience of the city of Toulouse. 

This year, in collaboration with Le Nouveau Printemps,
the PRISMEO collective is carrying out its survey/collection in Toulouse’s Saint-Cyprien neighborhood. The team aims to canvas a broad panorama of inhabitants and neighborhood-goers, of all ages and in all their diversity (traders, craftspeople, job-seekers, members of nonprofit organizations, visitors and professionals of cultural and artistic institutions, creators, patients, retirees, schoolchildren, college students, researchers, etc). 

This survey aims to encourage street-level production of heritage for the purpose of cross-examining different stories and notions of belonging, and even of appropriation of a territory, in first-person voices. 

More broadly, the project promotes a co-construction of cultural heritage, in connection with Toulouse’s inhabitants. In order to do so, the researchers seek to identify and forge connections between, on one hand, the objects and stories they collect and, on the other, objects already considered to have heritage value, a.k.a. objects positioned, maintained or exhibited within the municipality. 


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