Jardin Raymond VI

Draw, Corn, 2022 © Pierre La Police

Pierre La Police

June 2, 2023 to July 2, 2023

"From the outset, my idea was to present quite colorful, instantly readable images that weave links between the different meanings given to the notion of culture."
Pierre La Police 


matali crasset invites Pierre La Police to explore the multiple relationships that humans have with their natural habitat. He responds with humor by presenting a series of original drawings on flags fixed to tall poles. A visible signal in the city, this surprising proposition, where human and nature merge in the realm of the absurd, fondly and ironically underlines the awkwardness of contemporary life. 

With the support of Doublet. 

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Moulin à Nef de la Garonne, micro-architecture, 2022 © matali crasset

matali crasset

Le Moulin à Nef de la Garonne

June 2, 2023 to July 2, 2023

For seven centuries, these now-forgotten floating windmills constituted the most celebrated industrial establishments in Toulouse. In the 12th century, sixty moulins à nef were afloat on the Garonne, guaranteeing a source of energy whatever the level of the river. 

Produced with the participation of students of the Performing Arts Technician program at Lycée Vitry Urbain, and the agency 3.14 Conception. 

Materials are partly sourced from re usage as part of the LifeWaste2Build European program at Toulouse Métropole. 

With the support of the Fondation des Artistes and des Amis du Nouveau Printemps. 

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