Chapelle de La Grave

Sketch implantation of the structure in the Chapelle, 2022 © Julien Desailly

Camille Grosperrin / Julien Desailly

Les Invisibles

June 2, 2023 to September 3, 2023

(The Invisibles)

Camille Grosperrin and Julien Dessailly produce their first collaborative work: an installation combining sculpture and sound at the heart of La Chapelle de la Grave. This voluble space, and in particular elements that are invisible to visitors, such as the inaccessible wood frame or the complex acoustics, gave the duo the idea for a creative dialogue between wood and ceramics. The wooden structure houses and is surrounded by an ensemble of ceramic creations, which are set in motion by a motor, and generate a direct, pared-back sound that unfurls in the space. The ceramics present motifs linked to the Garonne’s fauna and flora, especially the eel, a recurring feature of Bernard Palissy’s work, and one to which Camille Grosperrin is very attached. 


With the support of the Museums and Monuments Department. 

En lien avec l'expo

  • Saturday 10 June 17h00

  • Saturday 17 June 11h00

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Hôpital de La Grave
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